Monday, 18 June 2007


I had planned on posting while Hypatia was at BIALL, but seriously, how on earth do I compete with a bunny?!

I was also eaten by a combination of final assignments and the dreaded lurgy. As a result I'm a bit behind on my blogs, and have probably missed the boat on all the hot topics. :)

I did follow most of Gormangate, but I really don't have anything to add that hasn't already been said in much more eloquent terms. All I could do is read and shake my head.

My current project, however, is the article that I'm currently co-authoring, which is going to be published in the Autumn. This is both scary and exciting, as I've never written anything for publication before. It's not a terribly ground breaking topic, but we've got some tips that we'd like to share. And hopefully it's helpful to someone. It's due at the publishers next week, so this week is going to be a lot of fevered typing and huddles around computers. And lots of coffee and chocolate. I do feel a bit nervous about having a deadline that's not flexible - uni usually has plenty of flexibility for submission dates - and I'm hoping that I have the time to write at work rather than bringing it home.

I do look forward to seeing my name in print though. Hopefully this will be the first of many articles I pen.


James Mullan said...

Seshat, your article sounds intriguing, are you able to tell us what it is about and where it is going to be published? Conincidentally I met your sidekick at the BIALL Conference.

Seshat said...

It's going to be published in Legal Information Management. It's not terribly exciting - we moved recently, so we're doing a 'tips & tricks' type post.