Saturday, 6 October 2007

Information ALLA Carte: Part the First

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As promised here is the first of a series of posts about my recent sojourn in Sydney attending the Information ALLA Carte conference. I'm going to write 3 parts, one for each day of the conference.

Wednesday was filled with preconference events. I attended at lunch held by publishers Justis, at an amazing bar right on Darling Harbour. I went on a tour of the library at the Australian Securities and Investments Comission (ASIC). The tour was only 1 of 8 that I could have attended but I decided on just the one and chose the one that was least like what I was familiar with. From there I went to the welcome drinks and got to catch up with a few familiar faces, as well as getting to know a lot of new people.

This first social day was good as it meant that I got to meet a lot of people in a social setting and didn't feel so lost when I got to the actual conference. It also meant I had people to sit with, which is always an important consideration!

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