Thursday, 29 March 2007

Five non-library blogs (or, What? Of course I don't suffer from information overload...)

This seems to be the hip meme of the minute (and I'm always one to succumb to a meme). I've seen it in a whole bunch of places, so I'm just going to consider myself tagged.

Five non-library blogs I read. (well, maybe six...)

This is a hard question. Like, really, really hard. I have 311 feeds in my bloglines account, and I read most of them at least semi-regularly. At least half I probably read daily. Choosing five out of that is not an easy challenge. But I'll give it a go.

Lifehacker: I couldn't really function without this site. Programs and tips and tricks and news for making spending most of my time online more bearable. Time saving, streamlining, tools for productivity and generally making your life in front of your computer as awesome as possible.

BoingBoing: All the news that you won't see anywhere else - alternative politics and just generally interesting stuff. Between boingboing and Neatorama (see how I snuck that one in!) i find out about all the news that I need to know about. (what? I do need to know about ecologically sound coffins and Ribena not really having that much vitamin C in it after all - don't you?)

I Can Haz Cheezburger?: It's cat macros. What more do I need to say? Not quite as cute as cute overload (see, doing it again), but cat macros make me laugh till I cry. Although I may at times to prone now to randomly saying things like 'invisible bike!' and wondering why everyone doesn't laugh with me...

Advertising for Peanuts: Good advertising is good. Bad advertising is bad. This blog helps me keep up with good advertising (sadly, most of which never seems to see light of day in the UK)

Wooster Collective: Cool, grungy, urban streetart. Often political, and often beautiful. Innovation and beauty in resistance and adversity. Lots of things to like here.

Tigers and Strawberries: I read more food blogs than I possibly could know what to do with. Sadly, I'm a bad blog reader and a lot of them merge together for me. Tigers and Strawberries stands out, as it covers a lot of Asian cooking (which I cook a lot) in an informed and anecdotal way. And everything she makes looks fantastic :)

There are lots more that I read regularly, and a great many that I at least give a passing scan to. I seem to be adding more every week. Information overload, I know, but how can I help being interested in things, when there's so many interesting things to know?

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