Wednesday, 14 March 2007

That Twitter thing

You can't escape it at the moment. Everyone's talking about it. South by Southwest has been taken over by it. It's the next biggest smallest thing in blogging - Twitter.

It's the newest, trendiest kind of microblogging. Rather than having to post something of length (or interest) you can post quick snapshots of what you are doing. It comes across as a stream of consciousness babble of 'what I'm doing right now'. And yes, I know what you're thinking. Why? There's no point! People will just be posting endless nonsensical streams of 'Oh my cat just did the cutest thing!' and 'I'm going to bed now'. Which, to be fair, it is used for. But it can be used for so much more.

There's been a lot of discussion in the blogosphere of late talking about what libraries could be doing with Twitter, and what other applications people and organisations are using it for.

Libraryclips and Splashcast talk about applications for Twitter and the top tools for Twitter, and David Lee discusses library specific applications for it.

Here at micropersuasion, they have developed a basic Google search for Twitter, which could be useful, though I expect there's an awful lot of content to be trudging through - you'd want quite a specific search!

It could be used for keeping track of what people are doing on a project, tracking what people are doing when working in disparate locations, keeping a personal running tally of reference questions, as a list making tool, a checklist, or just a way of communicating with your teammates.

If nothing else, it's at the peak of the internet zeitgeist at the moment and it's in our best interests to keep an eye on it. It might not have any lasting longevity - it might be one of those passing internet fads that have their hour in the sun, but it may not. It's in the nature of these shiny new toys for them to gain popularity, and then gain more features, more functionality, more people writing hacks and tools and tips and tricks to integrate it into our work in ever more interesting ways. In a few years time, who knows how it might be being used? And in the meantime? It's a pretty cool way of keeping track of what peoples cats are doing :)


BabyBarista said...

and what's wrong with knowing what people's cats are doing anyway?

Seshat said...

Nothing at all, as long as it's amusing. :)