Monday, 26 March 2007

Front Page News

I realise that this is another post about Twitter, but as the FT says, it's the next big thing.

It was a front page story in todays Financial Times, and you can bet, if the FT has picked it up the other broadsheets will follow soon. The only concern about this is, if it starts getting press, and more and more users sign up, will the service stand the test? And will the surge in users then skew any adoption stats?

If, as the article says, it is

the first application that people have got excited about since Flickr came out
then will it get bought out like both Flickr and YouTube? And what consequences might that have on the service?

Then again, the article goes on to say:
I don't think it will be the next YouTube - but I do think it will gain wide adoption (said Ross Mayfield, a Valley entrepreneur)

so maybe this will just be a flash in the pan until something new comes along.

(The article is available on the FT website here, but it's a subscription based service)

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